Cabling & Bracing

EWH is staffed and equipped to handle all of your tree pruning and removal needs. You’ll receive professional service throughout your project, from the initial property visit with one of our sales arborists to scheduling with office staff to project completion with our climbing arborists.

  • Cabling: Cables provide additional structural support, reducing the chances of weak limbs breaking. EWH uses a soft cabling system that doesn’t require damaging drilling into the tree. These cable systems need to be inspected and adjusted or replaced every few years.
  • Braces: Braces are threaded rods that are installed through the union of weak branches or trunks. EWH uses brace rods mostly on trees with co-dominant (V-crotch) or multiple trunks. These rods reduce the risk of the trunks spreading further apart and structurally failing.