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We take our name seriously.  Since 1994, we have been providing a balanced approach to plant health care needs in the unique mountain communities of Colorado. We are a licensed and insured, locally-owned company specializing in insect and disease treatment and tree trimming and removal. Whether you want to protect your trees or keep your plants looking their best, Earth-Wise’s knowledge and superior customer service has you covered. From our base of operations in Glenwood Springs, we service Pitkin, Garfield and Eagle County residences, municipalities and commercial properties.


What's New Winter 20/21 - Winter Watering

As this summer’s drought continues into the winter season, and we experience above average temperatures, now is a great time to give your trees a drink. Newly installed trees and evergreens are particularly vulnerable to winter drought damage. Watering your trees when your irrigation system is shut off is critical to maintaining their health during extended dry periods. We recommend watering once a month if there is no snow cover and the daytime temperatures are reaching into the 40s. The easiest way to do this is to give the trees a long, slow soak with a garden hose. Remember that most tree roots are shallow and extend a long way out from the trunk, so be sure to move the hose around to cover the entire area from the trunk to the edge of the longest limbs. Ten gallons of water per diameter inch of trunk is a good rule of thumb, e.g., a 3” diameter tree should receive about 30 gallons of water.