Tree Pruning & Removal

EWH is staffed and equipped to handle all of your tree pruning and removal needs. You’ll receive professional service throughout your project, from the initial property visit with one of our sales arborists to scheduling with office staff to project completion with our climbing arborists.

  • Tree pruning: Removal of dead, diseased and hazardous limbs, increasing air circulation and light penetration, improving tree structure and improving aesthetics are all benefits of proper tree pruning. Our certified arborists are experienced, knowledgeable and equipped to do your tree trimming project in an efficient and professional manner.

  • Tree removal: Whether due to an insect or disease infestation or a tree simply out-growing its planting site, sometimes it’s necessary to remove trees. This work often entails specialized equipment and technical abilities from both the arborist in the tree and the ground crew. EWH is equipped and staffed to remove trees of all sizes and in any location.
  • Fire mitigation: As wildfires become an increasing threat to life and property in the Western US, more and more homeowner’s associations and insurance companies are requiring property owners to take proactive steps to mitigate this risk. Removing plants near structures, thinning trees to provide space between canopies, trimming out lower deadwood and cleaning deadfall off the forest floor are all strategies to make a property less vulnerable to forest fires.

  • Consultations: Our certified arborists have the education and experience to evaluate and offer the best advice regarding your tree trimming or removal needs.