Pinyon Spindlegall Midge

Scientific Name: Rhabdophaga strobiloides
Scientific Type: Gall Making Insects & Mites
The Pinyon Spindlegall Midge (Rhabdophaga strobiloides) is a type of insect that can cause damage to Pinyon Pine trees. The larvae of these midges feed on the new growth of the tree, causing deformed twigs and branches that can grow into distinctive, spiral-shaped galls. The adult midges are small, flying insects that resemble mosquitoes and are active from spring to summer. The gall growths can become quite large and abundant, which can affect the overall appearance of the tree and make it less desirable for wildlife habitat. In extreme cases, the growths can cause significant damage to the tree, leading to dieback and even death. The damage is most noticeable on younger trees, which are more susceptible to the effects of the larvae feeding. In order to manage Pinyon Spindlegall Midge damage, it is important to monitor the growth of the galls and prune out any that become too large or abundant. This can prevent further damage to the tree and keep it looking healthy. Additionally, planting Pinyon Pine trees that are resistant to the midges can help reduce the risk of damage. Overall, proper management and monitoring are key to preventing significant damage from the Pinyon Spindlegall Midge.