Elm Seed Bug

Scientific Name: Arocatus melanocephalus
Scientific Type: Nuisance Pests That Invade Your Home
The Elm Seed Bug (Arocatus melanocephalus) is a species of true bug that is native to Europe but has since spread to North America. These insects are known for their distinctive appearance, which features a dark head and thorax, and a yellow-brown abdomen with black and white markings. Elm Seed Bugs feed on the seeds of elm trees (Ulmus species), as well as other species of trees and shrubs in the Ulmaceae family. Their feeding behavior causes a reduction in the number of viable seeds produced by the trees, which can have a negative impact on their reproductive success. In addition to their feeding habits, Elm Seed Bugs can also become a nuisance to humans. They are often found in large numbers on the exterior walls of buildings, especially in the autumn months when they are seeking overwintering sites. This can be an issue for homeowners as they can enter buildings through small cracks and crevices. Elm Seed Bugs are not known to cause significant harm to trees or humans, but their presence can be bothersome. Proper exclusion and sealing of buildings can help reduce the number of insects entering homes and other structures. If you're concerned about an infestation, it is best to consult a pest control professional for proper identification and control measures.